Terms and conditions
Covid amendments in red
  • Reservation fee is non refundable, this is paid to hold your date/time and often to purchase items for your session.

  • I require 48 hours notice to change a date should circumstances change beyond your control.

  • Should the photographer need to cancel for any unforeseen reason, an alternative date will be offered.

  • When attending your session, you confirm that you have no symptoms of Coronavirus, or have been in contact with anyone who has either suspected, or confirmed illness.

  • You agree to abide by all safety guidelines put in place by AMC Child Portraiture, failure to do so will result in the session being cancelled immediately without refund.

  • You agree that you have been following all Welsh Government Guidelines in the run up to your session, so as not to put your photographer at any unnecessary risk

  • If the photographer has any reason to believe client is showing signs of illness, the photographer reserves the right to end the session at any time

  • You are fully responsible for your child/ren during their session, they may not be left alone under the age of 18.
    Any damages to photographers property is payable by accompanying parent.


  • Any breach of copyright will be taken seriously. I reserve the right to charge full digital fee for any images I discover have been printed without authority. This includes screenshotting, scanning or duplicating prints without permission.

  • Once orders have been placed, alterations/refunds cannot be provided due to the nature of the products

  • Sessions requiring pre payment MUST be paid 48hrs before date of your session or it will be cancelled with no refund for any monies already paid.

  • You are welcome to pay off your session fee in installments, but must be paid in full at least 48hrs before your session commences.

  • Sessions requiring a viewing, you will be invited to the studio to purchase your images. Unless top package is pre purchased, online viewing is not an option.

  • Session fee is refunded for the Newborn Art Session by deduction from the cost of any packages purchased, if no purchase is made, the session fee will not be refunded.

  • Orders are the responsibility of the parent who signed the consent form before the session, my contract is solely with this person.

  • Any printing errors that somehow were not noticed must be brought to my attention within 48hrs and returned to the studio for inspection. Other damage/loss at this point will not be seen as my responsibility.

  • Gift Vouchers are non refundable and non transferable.
    Please ensure gift is suitable for recipient before purchasing as no refunds will be given.


  • Digital orders - The USB stick is a method of delivering the files to you and isn't intended as permanent storage. Please make back up copies of this, you are welcome to create as many as you wish.
    I can only guarantee that when the USB leaves the studio it is in perfect working order and expect any technical issues to be addressed to me within 48 hours. After this time I cannot be held liable for complications with the USB that may or may not be caused by your computer hardware.

  • Digital Downloads - Please ensure you download, and back up your images, within 7 days, as once delivered I may not be able to recover the files in the future.

  • Copyright remains with the photographer at ALL times. You have printing rights, for personal use, and can reproduce your digital images as many times as you wish for family and friends. However, commercial use, editing, and competition entries are strictly forbidden.

  • When paying your reservation fee, you are agreeing to the terms above.