Due to Coronavirus being an ever present risk there are some guidelines to follow. 

  • You are required to wear a mask while spectating, please wear this properly, covering mouth and nose at all times.

  • Only one parent is to attend the studio to supervise

  • If siblings are to be included, or parent images, I ask that additional persons wait in the car (or go for a walk) until they're needed, then, once they've had their photos taken, they must leave. This MUST be arranged before the session.

  • Everyone is required to use hand sanitiser on entry and exit.

  • Shoes to be removed at the door.

  • The studio door has to remain open at all times for ventilation. 

  • Attending parent must stay seated at all times, unless asked otherwise.

These guidelines are not only to keep you safe, but also myself, my family and my future clients.

PLEASE respect them.

Refusal to follow the guidelines without prior discussion and good reason will result in cancellation of your session.

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