Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to my session?


Depending on the session this can vary.

Clothing - Please feel free to bring a change of outfit for your child/ren.

Newborn sessions are generally done with baby nude, or just in a nappy, as we want to capture them as they are, fresh and new, wrinkly skin! Posing is much easier this way too.

Also it is very popular to have the sitter sessions done mostly nude, but is nice to have a mix.
I have a selection of styled outfits available, if wanted, for some variety.

Family or  groups of children, please wear coordinating plain neutral clothing where possible.

Siblings, (at newborn sessions) neutral clothing is preferred, no big logos or patterns. Young boys, jeans and white vest, or no top, is very popular, girls white vest tops, dresses etc.
Nothing too extravagant and loud. We want the images to be timeless and baby focused.

Newborns - Please be prepared to feed baby as often as necessary during session, bringing what ever is necessary. Dummies, even if not usually used, are a great help in keeping the session running smoothly so please bring one along if possible.
It may be an idea to bring some snacks for yourself also, as the sessions can be quite long.


1st Birthday  Celebration - Please bring a towel if wanting the bubble bath. I provide everything else required - outfit, cake, decor.

Of course if you want to bring your own outfits/accessories for the smash that is more than welcome but please let me know.

Remember, it does also include a clean portrait session beforehand, so make sure they arrive in an outfit suitable for this.


Sitter Sessions/Smiler Minis - Sometimes we can include child's own toys, nursery items in these sessions. Please feel free to bring things along.


I have a large selection of props available in studio. Should you want anything specific please let me know so I can make sure its available on the day.



What does the session fee pay for?


The session fee covers many things people may not think of when booking.
It pays for your photographers time, not just for that session but the many hours of editing, preparing, consulting, ordering, organising and arranging collections.
The studio needs heating, lighting, cleaning. The photographer's equipment, props, camera, lighting etc all has to be factored into session fees for the business to be viable. There is also insurance, course fees, tax and so on, to be taken into account.
Be assured, the studio offers a very high quality service, with all the peace of mind of being a fully insured registered business. Your photographer is highly trained and award winning, a very valuable local service.
Don't undervalue the cost of photography, very cheap often means underhand and bad quality.
Do I need to choose my images on the day?
No.  Your images will be edited to a high standard and prepared for your ordering session, from which you can then decide what to purchase, after your session.

What happens after the session?


After your session, if you are happy to have images on Facebook, you will get at least one "sneak peek" to share within 48hrs.

The remainder of your album is edited to a high standard, then sent to the professional lab for printing, so when you come to your ordering session you can see the vibrant colours as they should look, and the high quality of your final images, to help you choose.


How long do I have to order?

You will be contacted, usually within two weeks of your photographic session, to arrange your
ordering session.
This should ideally take place within 4 weeks. (Please note an admin fee is charged to store galleries for longer than this, and images are destroyed after 12wks)

At your ordering session, it is expected for you to place and pay for your order, so please arrange it for a time when this is best for you (after pay day for example)

If you wish to pay in installments, this can be arranged, however, products will not be released until the full order is paid for.

If you wish to make a second ordering session appointment, there will be an additional charge for this.
If you need to rearrange or cancel you ordering session please give me at least 48hr notice. Charges may be incurred if the photographers time is wasted.

Your images are kept for 12wks, unless other arrangements are agreed.

What if I do not want my photos to be shared online?

Don't worry,  please just make this known to me at your session if you do not want any images available publicly online.

Also if you change your mind, you can let me know by emailing me or contacting me via Facebook.



Can I bring friends and family along?

I kindly ask that only a maximum of two adults accompany the child/ren for photographic sessions, as the studio is fairly small, adequate for the sessions I undertake but not ideal for many spectators.

You are however welcome to bring along any family members who may wish to order images along to your  ordering session.

Please also note, there are no toilet facilities at the studio, although there are public conveniences nearby.